Every Minute is a New Day: Help Publish the Book

imageHelp fund the publishing of Every Minute is a New Day: The Language of Dementia on Kickstarter today. Only a week left to help. We’re halfway to our goal. With your help we can make it by the 22nd of August.

All funds go directly towards the publishing and marketing of the book. Once the book is published 20% of all royalties will go to support Alzheimer’s research and education. Every dollar counts. Tell your friends and coworkers to give $1 or $5, no more than a latte.

Together we can ensure that the people have a positive message about dementia so we can change the conversation, challenge the stigma.

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Thank you all do much for your ongoing support.



Nurses: Unsung Heroes

Nurses are supposed to be the unsung heroes providing care, quietly doing whatever is necessary. Nurses have always kept the secrets of our society, keeping level heads in crisis.

One of the biggest secrets is that Alzheimer’s is not tragic all the time. There is laughter, there is love. And I’m tired of being an unsung hero. I want to be a loud, boisterous, unconventional hero that sings terribly and off-key. I want you to hear my voice about Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

If you have Alzheimer’s, you have permission to be happy. If you are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s you have permission and a right to feel joy. Quit letting society tell us we are unsung. Raise your voice with Nurse Bitterpill in shattering the stigma of Dementia. There will be tragic moments. But the joy can easily outweigh them if you stay open to allowing them in.

I have a plan. I will be making a lot of noise. Make noise with me.

Nurse Bitterpill is in the process of publishing a book, Every Minute is a New Day. It is a long process (longer and more involved than I had anticipated). And an avenue to be vocal on behalf of my beautiful and joyous Alzheimer’s patients. It will not happen instantly. I do not have the luxury of cloistering myself away for six months without distraction to focus fully on writing. I am elbow deep in the real world of dementia every single day. In the trenches making life better for those suffering and have the audacity to be happy about it.

I don’t want to stop at just writing a book. I want to keep raising my voice with film, education, mentorships, and other forms of media to get the word out that we can still smile, laugh, and live after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. With a new business on the horizon, I plan on making everyone hear what I have to say even if means standing on street corners shouting to passersby that people with Alzheimer’s have a right to be happy. I am not fearless, I am determined. But if we all join together, we will be heard.

photo 2 (23)The launch of the new Kickstarter campaign for Every Minute is a New Day is approaching. Help me raise awareness and remove the tragic stigma of a Dementia diagnosis. Stay tuned for details.

Every Minute is a New Day: 8 MORE DAYS!

photo 1 (3)

8 more days! Help bring my #Alzheimers book, Every Minute is a New Day to life with love & laughter.

Thank you to everyone who has backed me so far. I love and appreciate every one of you. You are all rock stars. We still have time to spread the word and make my goal.

The book will be published no matter what happens, just on a more limited scope. Please help me make this a global message of love.

Don’t forget that I am a tenacious force of womanhood, I won’t let anything get in the way of my passion. Healing the world one patient at a time is my passion.

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11 Days Left! FAQ: Every Minute is a New Day

Ever since I made the decision to publish Every Minute is a New Day, the book I’ve been working on for years, life has picked up speed. I am in a constant state of exhilaration, optimism, and sheer terror. I have dreamed of being an author since I was 6 years old. And finally, I’ve found my voice, my passion. Thank you all for being a part of it. The Kickstarter campaign started out with amazing gusto. Then, Christmas shifted the focus. Now that we are into the new year, I am hoping to pick up steam again. I think I need to address some frequently asked questions in order to do this.

  1. What isKickstarter?
    1. Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website that helps independent artists, writers, entrepreneurs find financial backing from around the world.
  2. How do I back your project?
    1. Go to the kickstarter website, kickstarter.com/projects/fuzzylizzard/every-minute-is-a-new-day.
    2. Click on the amount you want to contribute to my project (anywhere from $1 – $1000, your choice). There are rewards for every amount contributed. I appreciate anything.
    3. The funds are processed through amazon.com. So you’ll need to enter your amazon info when prompted. YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED UNTIL 1-15-15 at 11pm.
    4. If the project is not fully funded, you will not be charged anything. Nada. Zip.
    5. Feel the good feels that come with supporting an independent author writing about her passion. And possibly changing the world with her message.
  3. What will you do if yourKickstarter campaign is not fully funded?
    1. If the book is not fully funded, I get no money from the campaign. You will not be charged.
    2. The book will happen no matter what.
    3. I have invested my personal savings into securing a basic publishing package. So no matter the outcome of Kickstarter, the book will be published.
    4. The Kickstarter is to secure a global marketing plan with audiobook.
  4. When will the book be ready?
    1. I still have some finishing touches and editing to do.
    2. I anticipate submitting the manuscript for the first editing phase to happen in February or early March.
    3. The book itself will probably not be ready to hit shelves until at least July 2015.
    4. Backers will get a sneak peek at exerts from the book via email.

So much joy has filled my heart since I begun this adventure. I am so grateful for everyone who has supported me either financially or emotionally.

Love and blessings,


Update: Every Minute is a New Day

13 More Days to Meet our Goal.

I’ve had a few questions lately about wanting me to detail the plan for the publishing funds. In an attempt to remain transparent in this whole process, here is an outline of my publishing and marketing plan:

  1. Audiobook recording and release to Amazon and then later Audible
  2. Worldwide press release to over 500 media outlets
  3. Large color print ads
    1. New York Times Sunday
    2. Reader’s Digest
  4. Radio and television interviews
  5. Google search terms
  6. Five international book shows:
    1. Frankfort, Germany
    2. London, UK
    3. Guadalajara, Mexico
    4. Beijing, China
    5. United States
  7. Book Return ability to retail outlets buying hard copies of book
  8. 100% Royalties to author
    1. in order to ensure larger portion of proceeds go to Alzheimer’s research
  9. Amazon “look inside” feature.
  10. eBook formatting
  11. Professional editing
  12. Professional cover art
  13. Copyright and registering ISBN


There are more features that I am pursuing in the publishing process. But this is what I am aiming to accomplish with kickstarter funds.

Every Minute is a New Day: 17 Days Left

“Hope is a force as fragile as it is enduring. Hope and fear are forever entwined, not always on opposite sides of the spectrum. Hope can fuel fear and fear can fuel hope.” -Every Minute is A New Day.

17 days left to help fund the book.

Tell your friends, tell you mom. Let’s make this happen. Be a part of this message of hope.

Click here to help fund the book. As little as the cost of a latte can help.

Happy new year.

Thank you.