11 Days Left! FAQ: Every Minute is a New Day

Ever since I made the decision to publish Every Minute is a New Day, the book I’ve been working on for years, life has picked up speed. I am in a constant state of exhilaration, optimism, and sheer terror. I have dreamed of being an author since I was 6 years old. And finally, I’ve found my voice, my passion. Thank you all for being a part of it. The Kickstarter campaign started out with amazing gusto. Then, Christmas shifted the focus. Now that we are into the new year, I am hoping to pick up steam again. I think I need to address some frequently asked questions in order to do this.

  1. What isKickstarter?
    1. Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website that helps independent artists, writers, entrepreneurs find financial backing from around the world.
  2. How do I back your project?
    1. Go to the kickstarter website, kickstarter.com/projects/fuzzylizzard/every-minute-is-a-new-day.
    2. Click on the amount you want to contribute to my project (anywhere from $1 – $1000, your choice). There are rewards for every amount contributed. I appreciate anything.
    3. The funds are processed through amazon.com. So you’ll need to enter your amazon info when prompted. YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED UNTIL 1-15-15 at 11pm.
    4. If the project is not fully funded, you will not be charged anything. Nada. Zip.
    5. Feel the good feels that come with supporting an independent author writing about her passion. And possibly changing the world with her message.
  3. What will you do if yourKickstarter campaign is not fully funded?
    1. If the book is not fully funded, I get no money from the campaign. You will not be charged.
    2. The book will happen no matter what.
    3. I have invested my personal savings into securing a basic publishing package. So no matter the outcome of Kickstarter, the book will be published.
    4. The Kickstarter is to secure a global marketing plan with audiobook.
  4. When will the book be ready?
    1. I still have some finishing touches and editing to do.
    2. I anticipate submitting the manuscript for the first editing phase to happen in February or early March.
    3. The book itself will probably not be ready to hit shelves until at least July 2015.
    4. Backers will get a sneak peek at exerts from the book via email.

So much joy has filled my heart since I begun this adventure. I am so grateful for everyone who has supported me either financially or emotionally.

Love and blessings,


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