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Suspicious Minds

Me: Preforming Suspicious Minds and dancing for a hallway full of patients.

Patient: “Baby Cakes, you are full of some kind of fizzy juice and wiggle squirts.”



“I’m not an atheist. I come back when I’m gone.”

Strange Witch

Patient 1: Is that a strange witch?

Patient 2: She never came back. I didn’t see a hat.

Patient 1: Because that old man’s been coaxed.

Patient 2: That’s terrible. I should warn him.

Patient 1: Little man in Spokane, has a rich man, that never wanted to lose control over his sweet fella.

Patient 2: Spokane has good food.

Patient 1: Well, he’s somewhere in those woods and he gave me a pen. 

Nurse out loud: Did David Lynch write that conversation? 

Positive Body Image

Patient: “You are full of love.”

Nurse: “It’s true. I named my fat Love. So my belly is filled with Love. Love flows from my arms when I wave. I’m basically cocooned in Love.”

Patient: “You must be the smartest most loved woman I’ve ever known.”