One thought on “Sparrow

  1. Amy,
    That was a beautiful sentiment!!!
    I knew you were something special when I met you.
    It takes a special someone to adapt an attitude such as yours!! Not only did you touch your “children’s” lives, you have touched mine also!!
    It would have been so easy to say, ” I just cant do this anymore”, but I would watch you, and it would remind me of why I got into nursing. I wouldn’t trade that for the world, you are an inspiration!!
    I love this page, I love you, and I love your heart!! Don’t ever change!!!
    You will be missed, but, you will also be remembered!!
    I hope your new journey is all that you want it to be!!! Know that you DO make a difference!!!
    Cant wait for the book, that would be AWESOME!!!
    In closing, I will leave you with a quote of the night, ” If you take your horny medicine everything will be just fine!!” LOL!!
    GOOD LUCK!!!

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